Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough Perform ‘Skye Boat Song’ at ‘Outlander’ World Premiere

Before the world premiere of the first episode of Outlander was shown to the audience gathered at the Spreckels Theater in San Diego, California at the world premiere, Outlander composer Bear McCreary gave the audience a little treat.  Joined by Paul Cartwright, he rattled off a Scottish tune.  They then performed the love theme for Jamie and Claire that you will hear throughout the series, but is not heard in the first episode.  Raya Yarbrough then joined them on stage to perform the opening credits song “Skye Boat Song.”

This is the video I took from my seat in the mezzanine with my cell phone.  Apologizing in advance for the shakiness.  Enjoy!

Source: Outlander TV News