Diana Gabaldon Interviews with Arizona Republic and Random House Canada

Diana Gabaldon AZ RepublicDiana Gabaldon has an interview with the Arizona Republic that focuses on her deadlines and the shifts in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood release dates.  Excerpts are below, but please read the full article.  The second interview is a brief video from Random House Canada in which Diana answers the question, “What can we look forward to in Book 8?”

“The deadline loomed especially large for this entry. Amazon began listing the book with a September 2013 publication date. Gabaldon says that was before an official publication date was even announced.

By the time Delacorte Press, Gabaldon’s publisher, confirmed a sale, that date had come and gone. A second date also saw no books hitting the stores, which just seems to have fired up fans’ anticipation for the 848-page book. It finally will reach stores Tuesday, June 10.

Her explanation for the delays is concise.

“I told the publisher I have to finish it so it’s the way I want it to be, and I’m not giving you a book until I’m happy with it,” she says.

Of course, the publisher surely was understanding. After all, one huge reason for the delay is that the “Outlander” books are being adapted by Starz for a series that will debut Saturday, Aug. 9. Gabaldon is a paid consultant on the show and was busy spending time on-set.”

Source: Arizona Republic, Random House Canada, Photo credit: Rob Schumacher/The Republic