Behind the Scenes of ‘Outlander’ Featured in Starz’s The Take (Video)

Starz has their own show that showcases upcoming films and their original series.  The current episode of The Take features Outlander.  It starts at the 4:00 mark, but don’t miss Sam Heughan at the beginning of the video.  The Outlander portion features an interview with Jim Elliott who is the Armorer for the show.  His Scottish accent apparently requires subtitles.  Makes me wonder if a lot of the show will be subtitled.  He shows off Jamie’s dirk, which way more impressive than what I had in my mind while reading the book.  It is a 19 inch blade!  He also shows us Jamie’s pistol.  Because this is an interview with Jim, we see a lot of Redcoats and gun play in the video.  We also see them shoot scenes at Blackness Castle.  Below are a few screen captures from the video.  Please click the link below to watch the whole video. Thanks Marifel for sharing the link!

Click here to watch The Take featuring Outlander.

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Why, yes.  Yes, it is.

Outlander The Take 6

Source: Starz