‘Outlander’ Arrives on the Sony Lot, Diana Gabaldon’s Exciting News

The day started off pretty great with Sony exec Chris Parnell sharing this photo of the massive Outlander poster on the Sony lot in LA.

Story Mining Company also shared a photo of a banner on the Sony lot. Outlander banner Sony lot If you have not been on Twitter today, then you probably did not notice the massive amount of tweets with the hashtag #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander.  It trended in several regions and worldwide.  Diana Gabaldon tweeted some excellent news about the result:

So here is what we get from her tweets:
1) Score for opening credits is done. Bear McCreary composes the track as well as music for the series.
2) Opening credits themselves are done. I think I am anxious to see the opening credits more than the first episode as a whole. They can be so iconic like Game of Thrones or Lost (although there is not much to that one).
3) First episode done!
4) They are screening the episode for potential buyers. I remember my conversation with the awesome Robyn Harney who said a lot of places won’t buy until they can see an episode. So hopefully this will speed the process along for those countries still waiting.