First Full ‘Outlander’ Trailer Is Here!

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After this morning’s delay by Yahoo! to post the first portion of the Outlander trailer, I thought there was going to be a riot.  Well, the social media marketing bonanza of #WhereIsClaire worked in no time once the kinks were figured out.  We now have the first full trailer for Outlander.  This is not a teaser trailer.  We are done with those 30 second looks at the series that we all are over-analyzing and taking second by second screenshots of.  This glorious trailer called “Disappearance” clocks in at 1:15.  I would love a 2:30 minute trailer like a film, but I think we will take this right now.

There is also another official photo in addition to the other two released earlier today.  I am including the other two since they are now un-tagged.

OUT-102_20131106_EM-1710.jpg OUT-101_20131010_EM-0917.jpg OUT-101_20131019_EM-0265.jpg

And below is the full trailer courtesy of Starz:

For all the international Outlanders, please click here to see a version available to all.

The Outlander Community is also now completely open.  I have not fiddled around with it much yet, but go over to the site and do some exploring of your own.

Source: Starz