Sam Heughan Talks ‘Outlander’ fans and Ron Moore’s Enthusiasm for Scotland

In a recent article from the Daily Record, Outlander star Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) discusses fan encounters, Gaelic being a “strong part of the show,” and show runner Ron Moore’s enthusiasm for an “authentic Scotland.”

On this year’s LA fan event:

“We got there and we’d sold 2000 tickets. It was like being a rock star. People had been queuing from 6am. I feel like I’ve stepped on to a roller coaster and not got off it yet. That whole experience in America was quite an eye-opener.”

On his passion for Gaelic:

“Gaelic is a strong part of the show and I’m passionate about that. It’s my character’s first language and it’s used to separate Claire from the people in the alien world she has fallen into.”

On creating an “authentic” Scotland:

“The much-anticipated US-made series will inevitably be sold to British broadcasters and Sam acknowledges fears that this American production will come and do ‘their version of Scotland’. But (show boss) Ron Moore is so enthusiastic about Scotland and has made it as authentic as possible, from the crew to the costumes. It should be an authentic Scotland and not an Americanised view,’ he said.

Executive producer Maril Davis and monuments manager Catherine Mason also discuss the challenges of filming at Doune Castle. Click here to read the entire article from the Daily Record.