Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Things) of ‘Outlander’ (March 27, 2014) – Part One

I have fallen behind in my BTS posts, but Stephanie has kept you up-to-date on the photos.  Want to know what a month’s worth of Other Things looks like?  You are about to find out.  Because I am so behind, things might go according to person rather than date, so I apologize in advance for the post jumping around in time. I might be duplicating some photos already shared on the site by Stephanie.

This is the Outlander on Instagram photo from today.  A sealed letter from Colum? Or to Colum?  I don’t remember how this fits into the story even though I just recently re-read Outlander.

Let it begin.  There will be some photos mixed in with the Other Things:



















“Wee Man” LOL!