Richard Clark Directing Episodes of ‘Outlander’

Richard Clark

Richard Clark is directing the episodes of Outlander being filmed right now in Scotland.  We finally got a confirmation from Maril Davis (executive producer), although Clark has been tweeting about his work on Outlander for a few weeks now (his first mention of it is on December 31).  We think he is directing episodes 9 and 10, versus 5 and 6, but there has been no confirmation on that front.

Clark has directed episodes of Doctor Who, Whitechapel, Life on Mars, and The Musketeers.

Here are some of the tweets from Clark about Outlander:

You can follow Richard Clark on Twitter at @rclarkie.


The behind the scenes photo from that tweet: Richard Clark BTS photo


Clark pointed out later that block means two episodes and he is directing the third block.








Apparently, he will be working in the area until April.





Source: IMDB, Twitter