February 23rd Twitter Q & A with Executive Producer Maril Davis

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Ron and Maril

Here is what transpired on Sunday when Outlander executive producer Maril Davis conducted another one her Twitter Q & A’s on Sunday, February 23, 2014.

Again, not all questions and answers are below.  I only kept the most pertinent or interesting ones.  Usernames are also not included.  To read the full Q & A, please go to Maril’s Twitter account @TallShipProds.

Q: Will you be going back and picking up skipped episodes once this block is in the can? Any more directors to announce?

A: Well, the director for the next Block is Brian Kelly. He did such a great job with 3 and 4 we asked him back!

Q: Is shooting on schedule?

A: So far! 🙂

Q: Can you tell us if you are shooting Eps. 9 & 10 right now?

A: Yes, we are.

Q: When did you and Ron first start collaborating? What was the project?

A: I’ve been working with Ron for 10 plus years now. We’re so old!!! We met on Star Trek 🙂

Q: Any plans for more fan events?

A: Not that I know of, but I hope so. The LA event was great!

Q: A favorite scene from the first 4 episodes?

A: There’s a scene in the surgery with Jamie and Claire where she’s checking his wound. Love the chemistry between them.

Q: Can u tell which episodes will be filmed in block4? Clark said u were filiming out of order due to locations, etc?

A: Not sure I’m allowed to say. But, yes, sometimes we do film out of order in order to film all of one location at the same

Q: How many read-throughs do actors usually do? One per block? One per episode?

A: We film two episodes every block, so we do one read through (of both scripts) the day before we start filming those episodes.

Q: Any word on when we’ll get to hear the opening theme?

A: LOL – you’ll probably hear it right before the premiere?

Q: Does Sam do all his stunts or some by stunt double?

A: Sam DOES tend to do most of his own stunt work, much to my consternation. Want to keep him healthy! 🙂

Q: Any new scripts written after the Christmas Break? How far gone are you guys now?

A: The writers are busy writing eps. 112-115.

Q: Will Helix have a second season. If so, will you be working on 2 shows at once?

A: I HOPE it gets a second season. And yes, I will continue to work on both shows.

Q: Know you’ve been filming out of order recently – any particular reason – weather related, technical or choice?

A: It’s all about trying to condense locations, actors and also trying to avoid the weather sometimes.

Q: Have you cast Donas yet? There’s a damsel gonna need saving from witch trial.. up to that part yet? Thanks so much

A: Yes, we have cast him and in fact, I asked Herself to help me pick him when she was here.

Q: During a table read, does the cast just read the script or do they act it out? Vocally I mean.

A: The actors (vocally) act out the lines. It’s fun and it’s mostly so the writers can hear how their lines are working.

Q: Will Brian Kelly do episodes 5&6?

A: Maybe 😉

Q: Do you already know what Claire’s Wedding Ring will look like?

A: We’re starting to talk about it.

Q: Has the Wentworh location been decided yet?

A: No. We’re not that far along yet.

Q: I understand that the duties of a producer can vary. What are some of your responsibilities on the Outlander set?

A: Varies. Liason with the studio and network. Work with the writers. Oversee casting/marketing/publicity for the show along with Ron.

Q: What scene filmed so far are you most excited about the fans getting to see on screen?

A: Probably that first iconic scene where Claire tends to Jamie’s wounds in her room at Castle Leoch.

Q: Will you finish shooting season before premiere?

A: Not sure we’ll be done filming yet.

Q: We have 2 trailers now will they be making any new ones before the show airs?

A: I hope so. I love the trailers. I still get goose bumps.

Q: Has Ian been cast yet?

A: I was wondering when someone would ask this question. no, he has not been cast yet.

Q: Has the opening theme been recorded yet?

A: Not yet.

Q: Not sure you’ll answer, no one else has. Why does Graham not wear a wig?

A: Bald is sexy. He looks great. Why mess with his great look?

Q: DIA is written as a story w/in a story. Will this cause issues when writing season 2?

A: Breaking down DIA will be a challenge, but one I think we’re up to!

Q: they (director) sees each episode they shot all the way through post, right? Any possibility of female director?

A: Yes, they do a director’s cut & then hand it over. Just have to wait & see on female director front.

Q: Has any music already been recorded?

A: Not yet. Just starting that process.

Q: What kind of car is that in the 40s scenes?

A: I happen to know that it’s a Rover P2.

Q: Once handed over, is the director’s cut ever revised/changed? if so, by whom?

A: Many people see the cut. Producers. studio and Network

Q: How long to shoot longest scene so far? Why?

A: Hard to answer. Scenes can take up to five or six hours to shoot. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the scene.

Q: I have forgotten who two of the writers. Ron, Matt and Anne, who are the others again?

A: Toni and Ira, but neither are on twitter.

Q: The soundstage looks incredible! Will you leave much there when you finish filming?

A: As you know, we never come back to Castle Leoch after Outlander. So, all those sets will have to go eventually.

Q: When does the music director (Bear) get to see the cut?

A: He sees it as soon as the network signs off.

Q: Will you be filming straight through the rest of the blocks or do you get a spring or summer break?

A: NO break.

Q: 5 or 6 hours for one scene…and so an entire episode???

A: It takes us (on average) 24 days to film two episodes.

Q: Who will design the opening sequence for the show? Ron?

A: We work with a main title company.