Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Things) of ‘Outlander’ (February 3, 2014)

The most exciting news since the last BTS post is that Diana Gabaldon is on set.  The cast had a table read today, so things will begin moving along again in terms of shooting.  I am still waiting on official confirmation of the director.  No one has mentioned what episodes they are filming, but the consensus is that they have moved to episodes 9 and 10.  I am sure there will be lots of things shared in the next few months.

With Diana being in Scotland and on set, she has shared a few photos of the costume department via her Facebook Page.  With one of the photos, she has given us some cast members as they are posted on the wall in one of the photos.  We won’t be making an official cast post for these actors yet, not until Starz makes it official.  Prentis Hancock  as Uncle Lamb, Bill Paterson as Ned Gowan, Tim McInnerny as  Fr. Bain, and John Sessions as Arthur Duncan.

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Here is what Diana wrote on her Facebook post:

“Safely in Scotland!

We had a long but uneventful (bar being delayed for four hours to start with…and really, a flight delay is an uneventful as one can possibly get, when traveling) trip—now pleasantly settled down for a week in Glasgow. Lovely peaceful Sunday; we walked to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and enjoyed the exhibits, then had lovely Italian food at a nice place called Spuntini’s (see me with their Most Excllent Pizza Oven, below). Have just written 1000 words of MOBY, and ready to retire.Actual work (of sorts) begins tomorrow, but I had the pleasure of going out to the studio (aka “Outlander-world”) on Saturday, and meeting Terry, the head of the amazing Costume Department. The place—just the Costume Department—is HUGE! Enormous spaces filled with shelves of fabrics, rooms full of worktables, sewing machines, mannequins, walls of embroidery and sketches…and little Newbie, Terry’s new puppy, acquired just three or four days ago, and awaiting Ron’s arrival before being named.

Here are a few photos of Costume—and one of Liz (one of the lovely costumiers) holding Newbie. All the people there were wonderful, and did a FABULOUS job on my costume. It’s Just Beautiful, and they did the fitting with remarkable skill—though I suppose they do have quite a lot of practice by now…

I can’t show you my costume, but I can tell you that wearing stays is something like wearing armor. Small projectiles bounce off them, and you have Really Good Posture, perforce.

Tomorrow, I’ll be on set most of the day, for read-through and production meeting, which will be Exciting. <g> Will tell you what I can about it.”

Lotte Verbeek is back!


Composer Bear McCreary gives us a hint at what to expect with his Outlander score.


Someone (Thanks, Connie!) also posted what Diana said in the Compuserve forums.  I have not ventured into Compuserve land, so I don’t have a direct link.

“Bill Paterson [Ned Gowan] was sitting down the table from me this morning. <g> For that matter…so were Sam Heughan, Caitriona, Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis (_love_ him!), Annette Badland, Grant O’Rourke, and a whole lot of other Very Interesting people gathered for the read-through of the two Block 3 scripts.”

Diana has also posted some photos of her around and about Scotland on Outlander’s Instagram.  No behind the scenes photos yet on that account from her.

Until next time (unless I forgot something) –Sarah