Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Things) of ‘Outlander’ (February 13, 2014)

This BTS post will wrap up Diana’s trip to Scotland.

We had a couple of very awesome photos posted to Outlander’s Instagram.  They are both of Diana touring the production studios.  Her face while Ron and Maril are touring her around is priceless.  She also has a photo op with the stones.  I can see that they are videoing this all, so let us hope for a special feature on the DVD or maybe sooner than that.

Diana summed up her visit in Part 3 which was posted to her Facebook Page. It is a long description, so please click here to read it. She does confirm that it is The Gathering that she is a part of, and that Brian Kelly was the director. So it looks like we will see her in episodes 3 or 4 of the series.  Here are three photos.  She posted four, but the fourth was already posted to Instagram.  She is with the Gaelic advisor, Àdhamh Ó Broin, in one photo.


You can see Graham McTavish in the background of this one in costume as Dougal.

BTS DG Gaelic

BTS extras DG


Diana also made a video with Sam Heughan for German fans.  If the video does not show up, please click here to see it.

Diana also posted this photo of Sam Heughan (in costume!) with herself, and her daughter Jenny. Here is the description that accompanied it”

“Random Observation by my husband (who was at the party Sunday night where we made the little German selfie video (scroll down below), and who’s no shrimp himself):

“That Sam Heughan’s a big sucker; he kind of has his own gravitational field.”

[This is me and our younger daughter Jenny on set with the planetoid in question. She and Sam agreed they should have worn their respective “Red Hair Don’t Care” T-shirts.]”

Diana Sam Jenny

Here are some noteworthy tweets:



This twitter conversation made me laugh.






And finally an Instagram pic from Lotte Verbeek:

Happy Valentine’s Day! -Sarah