Twitter Q & A with Writer/Producer Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts POTD 1

Today Matt Roberts (writer/producer) gave Outlander fans another chance to ask him a question on Twitter.  Here is a transcript of what happened on Twitter today.  As always, usernames are not included and not all questions are included.  Take a look at Matt’s Twitter account for all the details.

Q: Can you tell us who has written which episode? Which are yours so far?

A: All the writers have written two scripts each.  Ron wrote episodes one and two I wrote episodes 4 and 9 so far.

Q: What do you do when you are on set (in a nutshell)?

A: The writers/producers try to maintain the continuity of the stories.

Q: Matt who is back in Scotland this week, and what will they be doing?

A: Production is in full swing. We prep for a month before any shooting starts.

Q: What’s a day in your life like on set from am to pm?

A: The days usually start very early at sunrise and if we are on location we shoot until the very last second of light.

Q: When does filming get going again?

A: Next month.

Q: How long have you been writing scripts and was it something you set out to do?

A: The writers room started last March but we did not start writing the scripts until June.

Q: If your skipping episodes as you write, then there must be an overall outline of the way the episodes will unfold?

A: Yes, we break out the entire season’s first with what we think will happen. Then each episode is broken even further.

Q: Have you ever worked on a project with such a large fan base and had so much interaction with them?

A: No. Normally we have fans AFTER the show has aired so yes this is very new to me and the other writers. I knew there was a passionate fan base but I was surprised just how passionate you all could be. in a good way

Q: How far ahead of production is writing? I assume they have to know what to prep, so writers must be up to which ep?

A: We try to have scripts ready for production at least three months ahead of shooting. If we can 🙂

Q: What top 3 things went through your mind while sitting In the audience 2 Saturdays ago in LA?

A: This must be the right place – Are you sure you want me to sign that? – and WOW

Q: You have to be there in case of changes of the script?

A: That’s one of our duties on set

Q: Which character is the most fun to write for? Are they a good character or bad one?

A: Villains are definitely fun to write. I think Diana might agree with me there.

Q: Will there be a “making of” feature for Outlander?

A: I’m not sure but there definitely filming a lot of behind-the-scenes action.

Q: What will surprise us the most in the first season?

A: If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it? we definitely have some surprises though.

Q: Switching the seasons in the book to coincide with the weather you have, has it caused any difficulty in writing the scripts?

A: Not really difficulties. We just have to make everything tied together. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of it so far.

Q: How often do you have to adjust the scripts on-the-fly?

A: We make minor adjustments to the scripts all the way through shooting to adjust to locations and anything else that may come up.

Q: Will you at any point look towards DIA/Season 2 if you write so far ahead of filming, or will that be based solely off Season 1?

A: All the writers have read dragonfly and we are definitely looking forward <with hope> as I’m sure all of you are.

Q: Any chance of an updated picture of the writer’s room, have you gotten more decor for inspiration?

A: Sadly the writers’ room looks exactly the same as it did in that first picture.

Q: Do you consult Diana often? Or not too much you were writing the script?

A: We do talk to Herself.  When in doubt, go to the source!!!!!

Q: Has the spanking scene been written? If so, who wrote it?

A: I was the lucky writer who adapted it.

Q: Which writer is the lucky one who wrote Diana’s cameo scene?

A: I was also lucky enough to write her cameo as well.