TV Guide Interview with Sam and Caitriona

This interview, labelled ‘Cubicle Confessions’ stars our beloved on-screen couple, Sam and Caitriona (aka Jamie and Claire). In it we learn that Sam worked in a cubicle for about four days while temping for NHS in London, that he has trouble putting on simple garments (like shirts), that Caitriona used to watch A Team, Mash, and Golden Girls while Sam was fascinated by The Crystal Maze, and that Sam had an on-stage love scene while his mother was in the front row.

Poor Caitriona was only able to answer maybe one of the questions posed, but then again, maybe fans are more interested in our male lead? I sure hope not, because I know many of us would like to see more of Caitriona and how she will be bringing to life this important heroine. From what I’m seeing here, the two actors seem to have a very playful, yet still mature connection with one another and I’m pleased to see that they seem very comfortable around each other. I am sure for many of you, summer cannot come soon enough!