Ron, Diana, Sam, and Caitriona Talk to Access Hollywood about ‘Outlander’ (Video)

Ron Moore, Diana Gabaldon, Sam Heughan, and Caitriona Balfe all chatted with Access Hollywood about the upcoming Outlander TV series.

In the first video, Sam and Caitriona talk about Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, how sexy the show will be (nothing gratuitous or unnecessary according to Caitriona), blood and gore, Gaelic, their performances as Claire and Jamie,  We learn to make Colum’s deformity realistic, they will be doing some CGI on Gary Lewis.

The second video is with Sam and Caitriona at the LA Fan Gathering before they went on stage.  They talk about the fans and the event, their favorite scenes, and Laoghaire and Nell Hudson.

In the third video, Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon talk about Ron’s wife, Terry Dresbach, who is the costume designer, how the series started on Ron’s side of things, the novel option, Ron and Maril Davis’ initial visit with Diana to talk about the novel, what Ron likes about Claire, what people who have not read the book will see with Jamie, Diana’s first meeting with Sam, how long it took to find Claire and Jamie, and what Sam and Caitriona’s auditions were like.

In the fourth video, Ron and Diana are at the LA Fan Gathering.  They chat about Diana’s birthday, the fan base, how much the fans influence her writing, another minute on how Ron came to the project, the press, current status on the series, the draw to the series, and men in kilts.

The fifth video is with Sam and Caitriona again.  They talk about the massive fan base, Sam and Caitriona’s fan pages, what was so amazing or great about their characters, and Tobias Menzies.

In the sixth video, Diana briefly discusses her cameo in the show.  It will be shot in February and she has two lines.

In the seventh video, Ron and Diana chat about the sex and gore in the show and the book, the training for the actors for riding, fighting, and kilting, reenactors involved in the training, scenes they looking forward to the fans seeing, Tobias Menzies, and the fan support.

Source: Access Hollywood