Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Things) of ‘Outlander’ (January 30, 2014)

Here are the BTS photos and other things for January 30th.

Outlander on Instagram is busy as usual.

Who knew there was a company called Fleet Street that made fake blood?  That’s a fitting name for a maker of such a product.  I would assume production goes through a lot of it.

And here is a train scene. This is a great photo with the steam and people back lit. Karen from Outlander Observations found a cool YouTube video that shows the transformation of this railroad station into what it looks like in Outlander. This is another example of all the detail the production crew is going into to bring Outlander to life. Look at the posters, leaflets, etc.!

The last Instagram photo is probably one of the coolest ones we have seen. It is a shot of one of the dinner scenes at Castle Leoch. Oh to be an extra for Outlander. If you live in Scotland, why are you not an extra?!

One of the Outlander fans who lives in Scotland paid a visit to Castle Doune (Castle Leoch) during production’s hiatus and was surprised to see it open and with all of the Outlander set still in the courtyard.  These are Sally Williams’ photos and she was kind enough to share them on Twitter.





Writer/producer Matt Roberts continues with his #POTD for Outlander fans on Twitter. Here are some of his most recent photos.

  A shot of Caitriona Balfe from behind in a garden. Beautiful!

I’m sharing this one more because of what Matt wrote than the picture.


Very jealous of whomever lives in that house outside of Castle Doune.

A scene being filmed in the distance in this photo.

  This is the office where Maril Davis and Ron Moore work while in Scotland. Shared by Tall Ship Productions.

And just in case you were wondering, we still don’t have a premiere date.


With all of the coverage of the Outlander Fan Gathering in LA, this tweet escaped me. This is an article in The Daily Mail about the event. Thanks, @lisarlyall for sharing this.


And finally, it looks like Diana Gabaldon is on her way to Scotland very shortly to film her cameo and visit the set.