Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Things) of ‘Outlander’ (January 17, 2014)

Wow.  Sorry it has been so long since a BTS post.  Because it has been so long, the post will be pretty long.  Bear with me, but welcome back!

The Outlander on Instagram has been busy themselves sharing lots of great shots.

The first is of a beautiful candle chandelier.

The second photo is of the courtyard of Castle Leoch (Castle Dunne). Did you see the shot Matt Roberts shared of the stairs with the metal rail exposed for safety? It looks like they covered it cleverly with rope.


The third photo is of a bottle of tincture of belladonna (also called nightshade). This is probably from Geillis’ collection.

The fourth photo is of the stockades, also the place where that certain young lad gets his ear nailed. If you would like to see more BTS photos of this particular day of filming, click here.

The fifth photo is of one of sheep extras on the set.

The sixth photo is of one of the steadicams used in filming. This one is called “The Man Maker.”

Matt Roberts (writer, producer) has been busy with his pictures of the day for Outlander fans.  Here are some that give us a BTS look at the show.

This one is clearly of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe on set.

This one appears to be of Castle Leoch (Castle Dunne) before the production overtook it.

  This photo is of Caitriona Balfe on set in costume as Claire.

Terry Dresbach shared a photo of the new costume design office in Scotland. Looks mighty nice to me.

Outlander on Twitter shared a beautiful photo of The Stones in the mist, fog, and sunlight.

Terry Dresbach also tweeted about listening to fans. This whole production has been about staying true to the books and appeasing the fans.

  Terry also tweets about Sam’s kilting skills.

Diana tweets and teases Sam about a small article on a recent photo released to the public and press.


Ron Moore had a pop quiz for us. The answer for what these strange objects are . . . window alcoves for Geillis’ house.

Terry tweets about going to see a possible place/site for Lallybroch.

  As well as having a new photo and small article in EW, Diana got a mention with MOBY release in 2014.

The Outlander Writers joined in on the Pocket Jamie fun with a photo of it plus a script and a copy of Outlander.


And just today, Graham McTavish tweeted about his upcoming return to the Outlander set.

Source: All respective Twitter and Instagram accounts in this post.