Speak Outlander Lesson #2: Craigh na Dun (Video)

Two days after the Happy Holidays video comes the second “Speak Outlander” lesson.  This time the word/phrase is Craigh na Dun, the stones Claire goes through to reach the 1700s.  Sam Heughan is in the video, as well as the Gaelic expert for the show, Adhamh O Broin.  (Sorry that I am missing the accents on his name.)

Anyone else relieved they were saying this right in their head?

If you live in Canada or England, this link will work for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQRKSwnNGWY#t=14

If you missed the first lesson (Sassenach), click here to go to our post.

Source: Starz on Youtube