Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Details) of ‘Outlander’ (December 21)

Two new photos posted to the Outlander Instagram account.  The first I believe was from that night shoot at Falkland where they brought in large fans and rain machines.  I think we all pretty much figured out that that was the scene involving the ghost and Frank’s interaction with him.  The second photo is of the kitchens at Castle Leoch.

While shooting in Scotland has taken a break, the writers are still at work and the editing of the first episodes has begun.


Here is a tweet that I missed before:


There were a couple of Twitter Q and A sessions a couple of weeks ago. One by Tall Ship Productions (run by Maril Davis) and the other by writer/producer Matt Roberts. Like the others, I did not include usernames or all of the questions and answers.  Please visit their Twitter feeds for everything. Here is the first transcript of Tall Ship Productions Q and A:

Q: We all know the series is gonna be a huge hit! When it comes to the later books, will you stay in Scotland or come to US?

A: I hope to come back to the States. Of course, that’s what you’d call a high class prob. Let’s get a 2nd season first!

Q: Can you tell us who is doing the score for the series?

A: Not yet. Deal is not done 🙂

Q: Biggest challenge to-date? (Besides weather?)

A: Having enough time to film everything!

Q: How many episodes were filmed so far?

A: We’re finishing up filing episodes 3 and 4. We film two episodes at a time.

Q: How did you decide what to include in the series? There is so much information in each book?

A: it’s VERRA hard. As I fan I want everything to stay. We sit with the writers and break everything down in the room.

Q: What will make the show a “Starz” show opposed to a “CBS” or “Lifetime” show?

A: You have a lot more limitations on network TV. CBS would never make this show.

Q: Are episodes 3 & 4 being filmed concurrently?

A: Yep. We film two at a time. In blocks.

Q: How did inhabitants of the locations you’ve been shooting so far react to the filming? Interested/annoyed/indifferent?

A: Everyone has been lovely. We try not to film in one place too often. We don’t want to overstay our welcome.  Semi-interested.

Q: When will we begin to see awesome trailers and music 🙂

A: Not sure yet.

Q: What is the longest a scene has taken to be filmed? 🙂

A: Five or six hours?

Q: Ian watch–are you guys close to finding him? Starting looking? Waiting till the new year?

A: I’d hold off on Ian watch. You’ll be waiting for awhile.  Typically you don’t start casting for a part until you’re getting closer to filming with that character. We’re not that close yet.

Q: How is the chemistry between Sam and Caitriona??

A: Unbelievable.

Q: Why do tv series switch directors? Any issues with continuity, esp. w/ scenes that have to be filmed out of order?

A: you can’t prep and shoot at the same time. A director needs time to prep his episodes.

Q: i thought it was airing spring 2014….did we get it wrong?

A: No air date has been announced yet, but it’s not unusual for a show to still be shooting even after it airs.

Q: Will we be getting regular lessons from Adam & Sam, could we include @caitrionambalfe if and when she has a free moment 🙂

A: Many fun surprises to come!

Q: Will Sam be losing weight/gaining weight, losing muscle mass/gaining muscle mass as series progresses for flashbacks ?

A: That would be pretty hard to do. And not very healthy for Sam.

Q: Will you please tell us where you currently are in the storyline? Gathering? Rent collections?

A: Can’t get too specific, but we’re filming episodes 3 & 4. First book is broken into 16 episodes. So, that should give you a general idea 😉

Q: Is the script all dialogue, or is Caitriona doing narration of her perspectives?

A: Both.

Q: How long does each episode take to film?

A: 12 days.

Q: Do the writers stay involved while filming? Say if something needs to be rewritten on the spot?

A: Yes, definitely. We always have a writer/producer on set as we’re filming. We’re also still breaking episodes.

Q: What was the most difficult book scene to translate into script for the screen?

A: Claire’s voiceover is tough. Hard to take a first person perspective and dramatize it. I think we’ve done a pretty good job though.

Q: Is summer typical start for new series?

A: No, new series traditionally launch in the fall. But, that’s network. Cable launches at different times.

Q: Has Sony/Starz ‘encouraged’ the twitter/social media presence, or is voluntary/something you were already doing?

A: I started doing it when I realized there was so much interest. And since i’m a fan myself, I like hearing what y’all think.

Q: From what you’ve seen, IYO will we understand #Claire‘s desire to return to #Frank ?

A: Yes. I think you will.

Q: How many scenes did Caitriona and Sam do together in the audition before you knew it was HER?

A: I knew almost immediately. So, I guess one scene? 🙂

Q: Is the film already shot going to be edited soon or do you wait a bit for that? Does Ron or you do that or the director?

A: Director has first cut. Then we get the producers cut.

Q: What does your job involve Maril, what’s a typical day like (if there’s such a thing)?

A: No typical. I watch rehearsals, meet with directors, deal w/casting, publicity, liason with Sony and Starz, watch filming.

Q: About how long does it take to completely “finish” an episode after filming?

A: A while. Has to be edited, seen by many people, scored, mixed, etc.

Q: How many different directors will you have?

A: Eight.

Q: How much CGI will come into play, especially for scenes like the “going through the stones” scene?

A: Not that much. Not a huge VFX show.

Q: I’m also looking forward to seeing Ned Gowan come to life. Any word on who’ll play him?

A: Not yet. I love Ned too.

Q: How do you and Ron go about finding directors? Is it first person or do you have people who help w/ that?

A: We look at what director’s have done in the past and then meet with them.

Q:and Caitriona’s? How many auditions did you see before hers?

A: A lot.

Matt Roberts (writer and producer) also did a Q and A:

Q: Are there lots of fun bloopers while filming? Saving those for possible dvd extras? Seems like Outlander crew is fun…

A: Lots of outtakes.

Q:  Do you have a favorite #outlander character?

A: Fergus

Q: Do you write knowing that there could be tech challenges or do you just leave it up to production to figure out “how to?”

A: Writers and production work hand in hand. It’s an ongoing process with every script.

Q: How do you decide what to include in the show from the book?

A: We are breaking down the book by chapters and then parse it out over 16 episodes.

Q: How long does Sam spend in make up getting his back scarred up?

A: A few hours.

Q: Have you been up to Inverness / Culloden? Will you be filming in the Highlands too ?

A: Yes, we have filmed in the highlands.

Q: What did you think when Sam/Cait did their first scene together?

A: Score!

Q:  Diana: LOVE your script for the series, btw! Really well-done, and a lovely adaptation.A: Thank you thank you thank you. That means so much to me.

Q: How many people do research to get all the period info – clothes, food, etc. The details are what make the books great!A: We have a few people working hard behind the scenes. All experts in their fields.

Q: Is there anything in the books that will need to be left out because it’s not possible to translate to screen?

A: Yes, unfortunately.

Q: Will you b writing the guide “how to pitch Starz series #Outlander to your male friends.” because apparently I suck at it.

A: If YOU watch THEY will come.

Q: Emotions in Diana’s books are intense. Do you think they translating to the visual medium well?

A: I do. And it looks amazing.

Q: Can you pick up the scenes to write, or they are assigned? If assigned, with which criteria?

A: Each writer writes their own script.

Q:  What episodes have you worked on? How many writers are on the project?

A: I’ve just written my 2nd script and we have 5 writers total.

Q: Hi! We will see Outlander with a shaky camera like Battlestar Galactica, or still camera? Thanks for answering.

A: You’ll see a wee bit of that.

Q: Have you had an aha moment when you realized the production was becoming what you envisioned? What was it?

A: Jamie and Claire standing next to each other the first time.

Q: Do find the book easier or harder to put to screen than you thought it would be?

A: It’s harder. But it’ll be the better for it. Trust me this is going to be worth all the hardship.

And for a little non-BTS treat, here is Nell Hudson (Laoghaire) singing in a club recently.

Until next time! – Sarah