Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Details) of ‘Outlander’ (December 13)

Here are the newest behind the scenes photos from Outlander on Instagram.  They have been busy posting new photos since they are now on a break until the New Year. The last one (from today) appears to be from a Frank/Claire scene, as you can see the stuff is sitting on a car.  Others have suggested that the scene might be related to Uncle Lamb.

Outlander on Twitter also shared a new behind the scenes pic, hinting that Ron Moore is in the pic.

Writer Matt Roberts shared a few photos from his Photo of the Day series on Twitter. This one shows how they create a daylight scene.

This one is of a house that may show up in the series, or maybe it was just around where they were filming.

  A Christmas slate:

During a Twitter campaign to bring Outlander to Australia and New Zealand, Sony Pictures Australia tweeted this:

Good work, Outlander fans! Jon Gary Steele tweeted a photo out from the Christmas party for the art department. Someone made little sculptures of everyone in the department. Here you can see them in front of one of the models for the stables.

Filming wrapped until next year on December 5:


Tall Ship Productions shared a photo of a couple of cast chairs:


There are a couple of Q and A’s that happened on Twitter, but I don’t have the time to post and summarize right now. I will soon!

Also, don’t forget that Graham McTavish’s new film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is now in theatres! He plays Dwalin the Dwarf. Go support our Dougal!