‘Written In My Own Heart’s Blood’ Publication Date Delayed Again

MOBY cover. . . for a good reason.  Diana Gabaldon took to Twitter and her blog to update us on the progress of Book #8, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, or MOBY.  Originally scheduled for a fall 2013 release and then a March 2014 release, it now has an undetermined 2014 release date.

Basically, the reasons Diana gave for the delay were that the book is not as good as it should be (she needs more time to get it to great) and the undetermined release date of the Starz TV series and any PR commitments Diana has to make to support it.

Like what has already been echoed before on this site and on Twitter, the TV series does not have a release date other than 2014.  Originally, we thought it was March.  Now it looks like summer or fall 2014.

We tweeted and posted to Facebook an upcoming book tour for Diana with the pending March 2014 release date.  These dates will now be rescheduled once a new publication date is determined.

Diana promised to let us know as soon as a new publication date is decided upon.

Please go to Diana’s blog to read her entire post on the delay.

Apparently, there is some backlash from fans about this delay.  So much so that Diana had to address it.  I, for one, appreciate the honesty of Diana and wanting this book to be the best it can be.  I also would be distracted if my book was becoming a TV series or movie, even more distracted if Sam Heughan was in it.  Plus, this gives us all more time to reread the series.  I am now on Book #2 and have never reread the series outside of Outlander.  I know I would be lost if I picked up MOBY tonight.  After all, these are very long and detailed books . . .