Sam Heughan Talks to ‘The Scotsman’ About ‘Outlander’

Sam Heughan

‘The Scotsman’ interviewed Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) about his work on ‘Outlander’ so far. The actor revealed that he went to school in Glasgow, but since moving to London had forgotten how beautiful it all was.

“We’ve already been all over Scotland doing location work, including at Doune Castle. Honestly, I think people will think we have used CGI (computer-generated imagery) it looks so incredible, especially with the landscape and the way the trees are looking at the moment, it is so autumnal.


Sam was able to see what the show looks like on film already due to a ‘secret trailer’ that was created for the show exclusively for the cast and crew. And the show should look great, not only due to the location, but also the large budget that has been approved! This budgetary freedom has already impacted how realistic to life this show can be.

“Jamie has a lot of scarring on his back, as he’s been flogged a lot, and also has a dislocated shoulder when we first meet him, and with it being a big-budget production they’ve really gone to town, so it looks really gruesome.”


Sam would not comment about the love scenes with Claire, but it has been hinted by Diana Gabaldon during her NYCC appearances that the show will be just as ‘graphic’ as the books…and we all know what those books contain 😀