‘Outlander’ Shoots in Culross, Fife, Scotland

This week Outlander has been shooting in Culross, Fife in Scotland.  They were filming Tuesday, Wednesday, and today in the small village.  Here is a portion of the letter that was sent to residents of Culross featured in an article by the Dumfermline Press:

Letters sent by filming company Left Bank Productions (LBP) to residents and businesses in Culross stated that the scenes filmed were set in the 1740s and would focus around the Mercat Cross area.

In the letter, LBP’s location manager, Miglet Crichton, said, “Our scenes are set in 1743, so we will be removing and disguising some of the contemporary street furniture from around the Mercat Cross.

“We are mindful that Culross is a quiet, rural community and as such we will treat it with the greatest respect.”

Buildings in the town were painted and are to remain those colors through spring 2014 in case the production comes back to film again.

A few of the businesses in town have taken pictures of the production setting up, as well as the extras and their beautiful horses.  Care has been taken this time around to not leak any photos that would be labeled a spoiler.  So far, I have not seen any major characters/actors in any of the photos.  Below are a few of the photos.

Steven Brown, the same photographer who got some great shots while Outlander was shooting in Falkland, was present again.  He has a blog post up now about it and it contains a gallery of the photos.  It might take a while for the gallery to load on the page.

I think we can guess what scenes they are shooting based on the pillory.   I believe Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were probably nearby.  Maybe there was some fake fainting involved?

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Photo Sources: Fife Family History Society, Mercat Gallery, Steven Brown on Twitter