Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Details) of ‘Outlander’ (November 27)

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Outlander fans!  Here is what has happened over the past week in the world Outlander.

Outlander on Instagram shared a new behind the scenes photo of shooting out at a location. I really love the light coming in from the scene they are shooting.  To be one of those in that tent watching scenes . . . sigh.

Some tweets from Sam Heughan (Jamie):

And this proceeded to follow that tweet:


Adrian Maricic tweeted out another photo from the shoot in Culross. She mentions the extreme crop since Starz is now onto all the photographers nearby. We can see a take was in action when the shot was taken. If only we could see to the right of this photo. Missed any of the Culross coverage, visit our post by clicking here.

Terry Fanning (@OutlanderCostum) shared this photo of Sam Heughan posing with some Christmas decorations.  They are really curling his hair a lot, no?  I guess I never pictured Jamie with curly hair, but that is just my perception of him in my mind.

To answer some fans questions about Claire’s eyes and if Catrionia Balfe will have those “whiskey” eyes, the answer is no. This has come from multiple tweets from Diana Gabaldon and others. If you really think about it, how important is eye color to becoming a character? I think people change their eye color in films like Twilight to mostly appease fans of books that have eye color so ingrained into their perception of a character. I am sure some of you will be disappointed, but let’s move on.

Tall Ship Productions conducted another Q and A on Twitter.  Even I did not catch it until after the fact.  Below is transcript of some of the questions.  I did not included Twitter account names, but if you want to find more Q and A or who asked what, just head on over to Tall Ship Productions on Twitter.  If you missed the last Q and A, check out our transcript.

Q: How many more days of filming? Is everyone going home for a couple of months?

A: We’re almost done. Couple more weeks. We’ll be shut down for a couple of months before we start up again.

Q: Then what? Editing? Making more costumes?

A: All that stuff is continuous.

Q: How many episodes have been written in full at this point?

A: We have scripts at various stages through episode 11.

Q: How long does it takes to finish one script? How may stages are until the definitive one?

A: Depends. Couple weeks for 1st draft. Week-ish for rewrites/notes. Couple weeks to address net/studio notes.

Q: You know the mmphm scene in the glade, will that be filmed indoors? Will Scotland ever b warm enough for that?

A: It’s not warm enough for any outdoor scenes yet, but we’ll figure it out!

Q: Are you filming 7 days a week or do you get a day or two off?

A: We alternate five and six day weeks.

Q: Will you still be filming when the show airs next summer/fall?

A: Might be close.

Q: You never thought that Claire’s hair was more blonde that Caitriona’s look?

A: Nope. I always thought it was brown. Not too worried about these small details. You can’t get everything perfect.

Q: Do some people come and go while others have to be there from start to finish for the day?

A: Yes. Depends what you do.

Q: It seems you all are working long days.  Is that the norm or is it for the schedule? Get more in or finish sooner?

A: It IS the norm. In the US, we do 12 hour filming days. Supposed to be 10 hour days here, but it still ends up being just as long!

Q: How has the cast chemistry been so far?

A: UNBELIEVABLE. These actors ARE the characters. Having read the books a gazillion times, my standards were high.

Statement/response: Actually @TheMattBRoberts is the one who introduced me to books 10 yrs ago-ish. If not for him, we probably wouldn’t be here.

Q: Will you have finished anymore episodes before you take your break of filming?

A: Yes, we will have finished episodes 3 and 4 before the break.

Q: Tobias Menzies…will we actually love Frank? Will BJR creep us out?

A: Yes, you will love Frank and yes, you will hate BJR…in a good way 😉

Q: Any word on Ian yet? #yesIwentthere #inquiringOutlanderswanttoknow

A: You won’t hear about Ian for awhile. Won’t cast him for awhile yet, so no need for an Ian watch yet!

Q: Any idea when we might get another “official” photo? Maybe of Claire? Or Jamie? Or Claire & Jamie? Or anyone else? 🙂

A: No definitive answer on this one.

Q: What have been the biggest hurdles to have overcome for this production?

A: The weather. Scotland IS a character after all, but filming in cold and rain can be difficult.

Q: It seems like filming is going by episodes, but do you film in locations for future if it’s a few episodes away but same location?

A: Yes, sometimes we do. Better for production if we don’t have to return to a location more than once.

Q: Any info on who is doing the music yet?

A: Not yet…soon. (My response: Pretty sure it is going to be Bear McCreary. He does Da Vinci’s Demons and the upcoming Black Sails for Starz.)

Q: Will we be seeing any sort of trailer/clip of actual show footage before year end?

A: Probably not before the end of the year. Sorry!

Until next time . . .