Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Details) of ‘Outlander’ (November 16)

A big behind the scenes photo came through today courtesy of Ron Moore:


Nice to see another photo of Sam with red hair.

Ron also had a little quiz for us in regards to this photo:


Lotte Verbeek also had a couple of tweets worth sharing:



She also has an Instagram account that has a photo on it worth sharing. I wonder if that is the title graphic we will have at the end of it all.

Oh, and Graham McTavish (Dougal) has a Facebook Page.  Who knew!  He has posted a few statuses about Outlander.  It has been a month since he started filming:

“Apologies for not posting anything for a while. It’s been a hectic first month of shooting on Outlander. We have been so lucky with the cast, and it has been particularly great to work with some people I haven’t seen for many years! It’s due to get cold here next week. So far we have been very lucky with the weather…….! It can’t last!!!”

Until next time. -Sarah