Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Details) of ‘Outlander’ (November 13)

Once again, behind on the news of all things Outlander.  Let’s begin.

It seems Ron Moore (writer, producer) has gotten into the habit of sharing some behind the scenes photos.  I am okay with that.  He shared a photo of one of the cows at Castle Leoch and some actors staying warm by the fire.  Pay close attention to the clothing they are wearing.  Any guesses who the guy in the green is playing?  He is awfully clean compared to the others.  Another photo is of the production using some green screen for a shoot.  I wonder for what?

This just in: Diana posted about that picture with the actors around the fire on Compuserve:

Dear Karen and Karen <g>–

I can’t tell you who that is, but I can tell you it’s not the oath-taking.  I know that much, because the oath-taking is the specific scene they wanted me to be there for–being filmed in February.




Ron also tweeted about a major milestone in the series’ production.  I responded with that there are only 14 more to go.


On the Outlander Instagram account, there have been a couple behind the scenes photos shared.  The first is of a elaborate sword hilt.  I am thinking this is not one of the clan’s swords, maybe English?  The second photo is of a sign of thanks from and about the costume department.  122 costumes from scratch in five weeks, and I am sure they are no where close to being done.

Speaking of the costume department, Ron Moore’s wife, Terry Fanning, is one of the people in charge of making all those costumes.  She has set up a new Twitter account, @OutlanderCostum.  Below is the profile pic for her account, and the uncropped version as well.

1460023_416222325171291_194402431_n 37f6643249a82517aeef906b0c4f43c4


I am just posting a few tweets that are interesting.  Go see her Twitter account for more.  She seems very nice to all the fans, especially since she is one herself.









Tall Ship Productions tweeted something that I thought should be shared:


Lotte Verbeek also had a mention-worthy tweet:

I think that about does it!  Stay tuned for the next BTS post, and if I missed anything you think should be on here, please let me know. -Sarah