Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Details) of ‘Outlander’ (November 1)

This is a massive catch up post.  Prepare yourself.

Outlander on Instagram shared a couple of behind the scenes photos.  The first was of some dried plants/flowers/herbs and a couple of books explaining herbs and their uses. Obviously, this is for Claire. The second photo was shared yesterday on Halloween/Samhain and shows a bottle of pigeon blood, a skull drawing, and some books.  The post indicates it is from Claire and Geillis.

Steve Brown was one of the photographers who captured that day in Falkland when Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies filmed Claire and Frank in Iverness.  He has all of his photos up on his website in a gallery.  Below is one of those photos.  Obviously, he did not share all of his photos on Twitter.

S Brown Pic Cat


Two of his photos ended up in the newspaper.

Scott Robb, a local businessman, captured some photos as well.  Some are in my original post about that day, but here is an extra one.

Amber Linfield is yet another photographer out in Falkland that day.  Her entire set of photos is up on her Facebook Page.  Here are just a few that you may not have seen in the flurry of excitement of that day, including Mrs. Baird’s and the blood on the doors and steps from a “black cock.”  You can see the stand-ins staging the scene.

BTS Iverness Camera BTS Mrs Bairds Blood BTS Iverness Blood BTS Mrs. Bairds

If you missed the rest of the 1940s Claire and Frank shooting day pictures in Falkland, click here for our post on that day.

Tall Ship Productions did a small Outlander Q and A last night on Twitter.  Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers.  I did not include who asked the questions to save time.  Please refer to Tall Ship’s Twitter to see who asked what and question and answers I did not include below.

Q: My fear is dodgy accents.  Please tell me not to worry. 🙂

A: Don’t worry

Q: Has a decision been made about a cameo for Diana Gabaldon?  Stephen King does it.

A: We’ll see.  Would be fun!

Q: How long are the days you guys are working?

A: Pretty long! With time travel, can be anywhere from 11-14 hours.

Q: Who chooses the music for the Outlander show?

A: We will along with the composer and editor.

Q: Who is Dolina?

A: Minor part. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.  Trust me. The castle is a big place. And there are lots of people in villages in Scotland, etc.

Q: Tobias isn’t heard from at all on social media – is he kinda shy?

A: Black Jack Randal doesn’t do twitter.

Q: Can you tell us if Sam and Caitriona will both be featured in first episode?

A: Yes, they will.

Q: Have you ever been involved with a film with such a huge crazy fan base predominantly female before airing?

A: No, definitely not. Although Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek were no slackers in the fan departments! 😉

Q: Do you guys run more than 1 crew at a time? Does Sam film at 1 location and then Cait at another with Tobias?

A: No. One crew. unless we do 2nd unit for small shots.

Q: How do the shorter daylight hours affect your filming schedule, if at all? Is it really dark by 4:30 p.m.?

A: It will be challenging. Just need to be smart about scheduling.

Q: What’s been the most challenging part of filming so far?

A: The weather.

Q: Have they filmed any scenes between Jamie and Claire? How is the chemistry?

A: I think they have wonderful chemistry.

Q: What’s the scene from the production still we got of Sam as Jamie? Lallybroch or Leoch? . . . Diana tweeted his expression was result of hearing Redcoats shout at his house…

A: Herself would be right.

Q: Are we all gonna cringe the first time we see Sam’s back? Prosthesis believable?

A: Yes you will.

Q: Will you film the Wentworth scenes in Scotland? It requires such a snowy setting.

A: We will be filming everything in Scotland.

Q: Will there be much outdoor filming through the winter months or will most of it be inside?

A: Both

Q: Have you guys solved the problem of the cows running through the prison yet? Any other scenes giving you filming troubles?

A: LOL. We’re not THAT far yet!

Q: If we are patient (we are trying) will we be seeing anymore photo shots of the cast members during filming?

A: Yes

Q: Do you have all 16 episodes written by now?

A: Not yet. But more than halfway!

Q: When will we get word of who’s playing Ian???

A: I’d settle in.  Not anytime soon. Sorry!  … Probably not. Our friend, Ian Murray doesn’t appear until later in the book, ye ken?

Q: Have any scenes filmed so far made you cry?

A: I’ll admit, I’ve felt very emotional a few times. The footage gives me chills.

Q: I assume you have a tight schedule for the shoot. Estimates on when filming will end?

A: Later next year.

Q: What episode are you filming now? 🙂

A: We’re still on the first two. We film two episodes at a time.

Hopefully, I have credited everyone in this post in their respective parts.