Outlander Mania Begins at New York Comic Con Day 1


New York Comic Con started today and while nothing official happened like a panel, we did get our first look at the Outlander booth that Starz put together.  Outlander fan Constantina Parent (@tinaparent) was the first to get photos of the booth.  It is an impressive booth and it shows how the show definitely is just beginning to shoot.  No promo photos or anything, but we see the backdrop is the new Outlander graphic.  Three production models of sets are on display, each with a page of the script below them.  The three models are of The Great Hall, the Crofter’s Cottage, and Claire’s room at Castle Leoch.  The attendants at the booth wore a shirts that said #Heughligans on the front.  The back says Real Men Wear Kilts.  My question is did anyone trademark that #Heughligans word?  I want one of those shirts now please.  Hopefully they will be handing some out at the Con or maybe that will be one of the promo items being given away by Outlander on Twitter.  Yes, you must use the hashtag #Outlander on Twitter and fans will be chosen at random to win.  You do not have to be at the Con to win.





Later in the evening, a Starz party happened celebrating their three shows, Black Sails, Da Vinci’s Demons, and Outlander.  Actually, it is probably still going on.  Outlander’s Twitter sent out a few pictures of Diana Gabaldon attending the party.  Ronald D. Moore did not seem to be there as no one shot any photos of him, but we know he will be there tomorrow for the Outlander portion of the panel.

— Outlander (@Outlander_Starz) October 10, 2013



Johanna is on a train on her way to NYCC as we speak, so we will have coverage of the panel tomorrow.

Sources: @tinaparent on Twitter, Outlander on Twitter