New Graphic for the ‘Outlander’ TV Series

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Outlander Graphic

While not the most exciting news considering all that went down yesterday with the beginning of production, but the new graphic created for the TV series of Outlander got me excited once again.  Before, the graphic was just the Outlander logo on a blue background.  It is now more substantial with the inclusion of the symbol from the cover of the first novel in the series and a landscape in the background.

With the upcoming New York Comic Con that will have a panel featuring Outlander with Ronald D. Moore and Diana Gabaldon, I am sure we will have more exciting news to come.  Outlander TV News will be there as Johanna travels there to do some press coverage for this site.  She will also be attending the special Outlander private event on Saturday where I will only increase my jealousy of my wonderful co-author on this site.  Stay tuned to this website, our Facebook Page, and our Twitter account for all things Outlander at NYCC.  Je Suis Prest.

Outlander Graphic


Source: Outlander Official Facebook Page