James Fleet Cast as Reverend Wakefield in ‘Outlander’


James Fleet joins the Outlander cast (or clan) as the Reverend Wakefield.  The Reverend is the adopted father of Roger Wakefield who becomes a major character in Diana Gabaldon’s later books.  The Reverend is only seen in the beginning of the books when Claire is still in the 1940s with Frank.  I assume we will probably see a small Roger as well, but there is really not a big part for him based on the book.  Alas, like has already been mentioned in a previous post, the 1940s part of the book is being expanded upon, so you never know whose parts may be expanded also.

“Rev. Wakefield, a Scottish historian of sorts who — in the books — interacts with Claire and husband Frank in the 1940s.”

Also, in the household of Reverend Wakefield is Mrs. Graham who shows up in a ceremony of sorts around those infamous stones.

James Fleet in English and was born in 1954.  His previous work includes The Vicar of Dibley, Sense and Sensibility (1995 – playing John Dashwood), Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Phantom of the Opera, and Little Dorrit (2008).  You can check out the rest of his credits at IMDB.

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