Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘Outlander’ (October 18)

Outlander on Instagram shared a photo of some of the boots and helmets in the costumer department.  It should be noted that this is for the 1940s, as we were told they would expand some on Claire’s time as a nurse in WWII.

Dwaliners (@Dwaliners) shared a photo of Graham McTavish behind the scenes, meeting with a fan.  What should be of particular interest (other than Graham’s nice facial hair) is the casting board behind them.  Who can you spot?  This is when a high quality camera would come in handy versus a camera phone.   It does look like Grant O’Rourke is playing Rupert, that much I can spot in the blurriness and the fact that Graham spoiled it a bit with a tweet a couple days ago.  Someone has been cast as Uncle Lamb along with a young Claire as well.  Can anyone figure out who the guy on the bottom right is playing.  There is also a young girl with blonde hair at the left, possibly Laoghaire?

There also have been a few new additions to the 1940s Claire and Frank day and night 1940s shoot.  I have not posted them on there yet because the post is long and a mess.  I may just post on here.  I will let you know when I get them up.