Behind the Scenes and Set Photos of ‘Outlander’ Including THE STONES (October 16)

Busy day in terms of behind the scenes and set photos of Outlander.  First I will direct your attention to the below photos, courtesy of Hewden (@Hewden_UK) which is an equipment rental company.  I have a feeling they will get in trouble for these.  These are of THE STONE RING, CIRCLE, HENGE or whatever you want to call them.  In the photos is a glimpse of Mrs. Graham and the girls in the dress to perform the ceremony around the stones.  They also shared photos of their cranes in action, helping to light a scene.







Tall Ship Productions (@TallShipProds) shared a photo of Ronald D. Moore watching a scene in action.

 If any more set photos get posted today that are not of the 1940s Claire and Frank, they will be in this post.