Scottish Investments and Details on the ‘Outlander’ Production *Updated*


A recent article on Deadline focused on how film and television has brought Scotland to the forefront in recent years.  Many films have decided to film in Scotland versus England. Another article on Sky News tells us that Outlander will be taking advantage of new tax breaks in the UK for high-end television shows.

From these articles, we can pull the following details for Outlander:

  • Outlander‘s production company is building a new studio and office.
  • Production base is/will be near Glasgow.
  • Outlander will employ about 200 local crew members
  • There is expected to be a supporting/extras cast of about 2,000.
  • Production/Shooting will start on September 10th.
  • Shooting of 16 episodes will last about 38 weeks.
  • The “inward investment” of Outlander will be largest ever in Scotland’s entertainment history, which is about £20M a year.

So, in about two weeks production will start on Outlander.  That makes me just a little excited.

Update: A visitor to this website posted the link to this post on the Compuserve forums and Diana herself responded with this:

Dear Debby–

Or, you know…not. <g>  They’ve moved the start date several times, both back _and_ forth.  Sept. 10th isn’t the latest one I’ve heard, but so far as I know, it -is- still in September.

So it may no longer be September 10th, but that is understandable with so many things to get in order before it starts.

Sources: Deadline, Sky News