Production and Writing Updates!

Twitter has been the hot spot so far for information on how the production is coming and what plans are being made for the upcoming show. As you may have already read in previous posts, there are two actors cast, the parts of Jamie Fraser and Frank/Jack Randall. In this post, I am going to focus on what news we have received on the production process.
Big news that came out around the time that Sam Heughan was cast, was that locations in Scotland were being scouted for filming for the show. Very excited to hear that we’ll get to see genuine Scotland sights as the backdrop for such an amazing story.


Also of interest to the early part of the production process is when Diana discussed a bit about how the book was optioned for the show, apparently after a long process where it was first looked at as a movie.

As for the casting process, no new light can really be shed yet, but Diana did retweet this article about the casting process that she thought was very helpful for both herself and all her fans:

 Concerned about how faithful the production crew and writers will be to the books? There doesn’t seem to be a need. Just look at all the reassurances they are giving fans:


Specifics we do know about the show, that the first season will cover the first book and will consist of 16 hour-long (including commercials):


The pilot episode looks like it will be only an hour, according to the rough draft script Diana has seen:

And how much input does Diana get with the writing/production process?

Not to mention, she’s been asked if she would like to have a cameo part in the series, as well:

And if she will be available for NY Comic Con in October!

Let me also introduce to everyone the writers of the series (@OutlanderWriter):

Here’s a picture of the writing room:

BQ8t1hwCIAA33sc.jpg large

And one of the Outlander production office Ron Moore shares with his partner, Tall Ship Productions:

We have some information about how the writers will bring this series to life, such as that Ron Moore will be writing the first two episodes and then the rest of the episodes will be split up among the writers on the team. They have also talked about how the script writing process for each episode will take place:




Last, but certainly not least, a little fun seeing the writing room wall that Matt Roberts, one of the writers for Outlander, has decorated:

My new wall art for @OutlanderWriter office.

— Matt Roberts (@TheMattBRoberts) August 7, 2013


And the opposite wall. Scotland is now well rep’d in my office @OutlanderWriter

 I hope you all have enjoyed this somewhat lengthy post. As production moves forward, we will continue to keep you up to date on all information we receive. Happy reading!