‘Outlander’ Writers Answer Questions About Episode 309

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The Outlander writers answered questions about episode 309 on Tuesday.  Toni Graphia and Shannon Goss (who wrote the episode) answered the questions this week.  Below are the answers provided to fans this time around.

Just as an aside to this Q & A, Lynette Rice, a writer at Entertainment Weekly, tweeted about it after she did not like how one of the questions was asked of the writers.  She questioned why this person had a copy of the script “(stolen?).”  l don’t always agree with how people ask the writers or anyone involved with the show about certain things.  I also don’t like when someone doesn’t know that scripts are provided to fans from Starz and are certainly not stolen.  Maril Davis followed up Lynette’s tweet with comments on the situation. Lynette has since deleted the tweet.

Now back to the nitty gritty…







Source: Outlander Writers