‘Outlander’ Season Four Filming Began Today!

Today was the first day of filming for Outlander season four.  Season four is based on Diana Gabaldon’s fourth novel in the Outlander series, Drums of Autumn.  Here are some of the tweets and photos shared with fans via social media.  Good luck this season, cast and crew!




Source: All respective Twitter and Instagram accounts

  • Mary-Roberta Bert Valines-Rail

    First, I want to thank Diana Gabaldon for writing the books that inspired the STARZ series of Outlander. The books are a delight to read and the many pages move fast with the action. The stories and all the history combined with fiction are indescribably fascinating and literally transport the reader into the world of the written world. The series adaptation from the books is excellent. The casting is perfect with the quality of actors and their portrayal of characters. The little details like a difference in eye color is obscured by the quality of the performance. The writing for the series is so well done that all highlights of the books that the season represents are there and the minute details are not missed. On a side note, it is my opinion, to read the books and watch the series, is to complement both. They add to each other instead of detracting from each other like some movies I have seen based on novels have done. I don’t know how you manage to complement the books with the series and the series with the books, but you do and we fans in my little Outlander fan community love it. The attention do background detail in the sets is superb and I can’t begin to describe what a delight it is to see the work that goes into the costumes, hair and makeup. Some of us kid each other, that when there comes the time that the series will end and we have read each book for the umpteenth time, we will need to form a support group called Outlanders Anonymous as we will be Outlander addicts in withdrawal and in need of support. The main thing about the fan community, is that these books and this series has brought many people together from all over the world. Most are acquaintances, but we have formed some genuine friendships as well. The common interest in Outlander, the cast, the producers, directors, writers and the way the production is done, utilizing artisans and people around the filming locations to do jobs that provide for them and their economy is such a wonderful thing and speaks volumes as to how everyone can contribute and receive reinforcement in the process. Diana Gabaldon, through starting with that first novel and coming to this point, has done more to promote world unity among so many fans in many nations. So, if “Herself” ever decides to take time from writing, being a good will ambassador is always a way to go. I want to thank STARZ for providing this series. I want to say, the introduction to stars like Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan and well, all the actors who are from the British Isles and Australia, etc. is an experience for me personally who never saw their work before. Since watching Outlander, I have found some movies done prior to Outlander because they are to good for this to have been their first acting job. I must say, the progression of the series has proven their metal and they have continued to amaze me with great performances. Being able to make the books come to life and do it so well with boom mics and people all around you or in areas where the background has to be filled in after shooting and shooting out of sequence and keeping the flow perfect amazes me. I am a senior citizen that has seen a lot of good series and movies as well as some mediocre stuff as well. But Outlander is by far the best in every way. Ron Moore and Terry Dresbach are great in their individual professions and to have them both on this series was by far a very smart decision. Than you for all you do to entertain us and all you do in your charity works and especially for the lovely way you interact with your fan base. You are all very kind and never push people away, You draw them in and make them feel inclusive and that is true humanity at it’s finest. I will always be grateful for the books and the series. I have to say, don’t forget, the John Grey books are wonderful and there is always an audience for good productions of good novel adaptations. Hint, hint. A fan forever, Mary Roberta “Bert” Valines Railey in Nevada, USA….I didn’t proof read my long comment, so please excuse any errors. Thank you.

  • Robin Hoyer

    Is it possible they will be filming in North Carolina in the near future?

    • Roberta Gaffney

      Don’t think so think they will be using locations in Scotland as it’s too expensive to shoot in America, that why they used Glasgow for the Boston scenes…..well that’s what I’ve heard x

  • patriotgrandma

    cant wait…..I also cant wait for that starz ceo to buy all up to book 10!!! so I can stop that gnawing in my stomach that they will stop before the end……

  • aussiesuzie

    So happy about season 4,DO HOPE we’ll get more there are 8 books at the moment,love Cait&Sam’s acting its brilliant,can’t imagine any one in the roles!