Writer Matthew B. Roberts on His Version of the Print Shop Scene

**Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Voyager, be aware that this post contains spoilers from the book and season three of Outlander.**

Writer/executive producer Matthew B. Roberts wrote the episode of season three that includes Jamie and Claire’s reunion scene in the print shop.  Roberts spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his version of the scene and what fans can expect.

“It’s not just Claire’s story. It’s Jamie and Claire’s story,” Roberts tells EW exclusively. “So, we wanted to show both perspectives. In the book, you get it from Claire’s view. She comes in the print shop. It’s really kind of told from her POV. I wanted to give Jamie’s POV of the same moment. I wanted to also give the fans the moment twice. They’ve been waiting for it for a long time! So, rather give it to them one time, you give ‘em something they don’t exactly expect.”

“It was nice for me to be able to go, ‘Alright, what was Jamie feeling during this part of the day? What was he doing?’” continues Roberts. “When I was writing the script, I tweeted out a picture of and it said ‘Interior print shop, Jamie enters.’ And the fans kind of blew up on it and were like, ‘you’re changing it! You’re ruining it! You’re going ruin it!’ And I got a big chuckle out of that because I knew what I was doing. I was kind of instigating them and firing them up because I knew what I was going to give them later. And so, hopefully they’ll enjoy it. But that was the plan all along.”

“I think Cait and Sam definitely found the small moment in the reality of being apart for 20 years. And I think that’s what was special is that, no [matter] how many different takes we did, they found it every time. That’s difficult to do.”

Source: EW

  • konnie

    wouldn’t expect anything less. Writer_DG would have blown a gasket if it wasn’t perfect. If she said it’s going to be great, then that’s all I need to know. Ron and all of his writers and production team haven’t let us down yet. Love to you all!

  • Lori

    Matt has made no bones about the fact that he was a fan of the books long before the TV series had legs. I completely trust him to infuse the right emotions and reactions in the script for these actors. I also trust the actors to intuitively know what these two characters are going to feel in that initial moment and beyond. I’ve previously stated that I sometimes wish I’d not read the books because you can’t help but seeing things a certain way in your mind. But, I’ve rarely been disappointed when the series took a different direction from the books. I’ve missed hearing a few certain lines only, but I believe the series has been brilliant and Season 3 might turn out to be the best one yet.

  • distachio

    I remember when the fans went nuts over “Jamie enters.” Lol. We fans are so protective of these books and these characters! I have some knowledge of the process of adaptive screenwriting, so the alternative POV didn’t phase me, but the fan reaction really surprised me! I have faith that Matt knows what he’s doing. I can’t wait!