New ‘Outlander’ Season Three Official Photos with a First Look at Lord John Grey

Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue is set to hit newstands, magazine racks, and your mailbox tomorrow.  Here is a little peek at what it contains relative to Outlander, two new official photos from season three.

One photo contains Jamie (Sam Heughan) and our first official look at Lord John Grey (David Berry).  It appears Jamie is a prisoner of Grey, and it looks like Grey does have blonde hair in this photo.  The second photo is of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Frank (Tobias Menzies) at a party with Joe Abernathy (Wil Johnson).  Their attention is on a young Brianna (Gemma Fray).

A small quote from Caitriona is included in the post:

“For Sam and I and all the writers, we felt that it was so important to make sure we had the tone right,” Balfe tells EW. “Claire’s had time to prepare herself for what this might be and to play various scenarios through her mind. But for Jamie, this person just landed in his life again and there was no warning. So you’ve got two people trying to figure out how to go about this.”

Source: EW

  • Coloradogmab

    I absolutely love this series. I had been reading it when it first started on tv. I continued to the last book and then I decided to try to read along. So I restarted to read book 1. My husband was watching it with me and I’d tell him little tidbits I’d read that tv didn’t quite cover.
    BUT I have to say that the deal of telling us it was going to start season 3 on April 9th making us wait all that time only to have you pull the strings again telling us July. Well July is here and no Outlander series as yet. I think that it’s really a king sized drag for those of us who really pay attention. And I really dislike being manipulated in such a way. Just get it over with.

    • Carol McClanahan Kinyon

      It will be well worth the wait…September…

    • bevatlol

      Fellow Coloradan, the problem is that no one from the production ever said it was going to start in April. That was multiple publications assuming it would start that early based on Season 2. So please don’t blame the production for that.

      • SkiAdcock

        Agree. The production announced in Feb of this year that S3 was going to premiere in September. Heck, they didn’t even start filming in South Africa until March.