New ‘Outlander’ Season Three Character Portraits

With the ramping up of the promotion of season three, Starz has released the character portraits for the season.   To view the photos as well as the summaries of their characters and the actors’ bios, click here.

Caitriona Balfe as Claire

Sam Heughan as Jamie

Tobias Menzies as Frank

Sophie Skelton as BriannaRichard Rankin as RogerDavid Berry as Lord John William GreyCesar Domboy as Fergus
Lauren Lyle as MarsaliJohn Bell as Young Ian

Source: Starz

  • patriotgrandma

    the first thing I see and watch in people are their eyes…….It the only negative I see with the cast. Contacts are not hard to get used to……….

    • Mary Auld

      I can see nothing wrong with any of their eyes….perfect, just like their characters.

      • patriotgrandma

        they are all fabulous…and have their own beautiful eyes..I just wish they were portrayed as in the books…Bree has her fathers blue…Richard his unmistakenable green …claire her fine sunlight through whisky..its not an attack……..its a small desire….thats all.

      • Heyisntshethatgirl

        It’s mentioned time and again that Claire’s eyes are whiskey colored or amber colored. It’s describes often enough.

    • Diane Smiley-Addams

      Contacts can be hard to get used to…I for one can’t wear them.

      • patriotgrandma

        perhaps you have not tried the soft ….pretty sure some of them already wear contacts but thats neither here nor there…I just said to me the eyes of a person are my focus. These actors in whatever color are brilliant at saying much with them…