Expect Outlander’s Newest Entertainment Weekly Cover Story in September – Releases August 25th

Update (8/15/2017): Lynette Rice tweeted today that the issue will be released August 25th, and a special collector’s edition will be available at Barnes & Noble.

Original post below:

Entertainment Weekly gave fans the heads up today that the next cover story for Outlander will be in September.  The feature will include behind the scenes details from season three’s filming in South Africa along with the new portraits for the season.

If you had a hard time finding the last two issues of Entertainment Weekly that had Outlander on the cover, consider starting a subscription.  You can purchase one from EW itself, or through Amazon.

Source: EW

  • Merry Miller Moon

    WOO HOO! Cannot wait to get my hands on one! #Outlander #Voyager

  • Sarah Johnson

    Awesome I can’t wait

  • Katie Diotallevi

    It’s “Dinna”, Lynette – thought a ‘big fan’ like you would know that. Just want to say that I subscribed to EW last year because of your Outlander cover & story and it was a huge waste of money. Your magazine has such low-grade quality paper and printing that it didn’t do any justice to the photos. Suffered through a year subscription of small type face, gossipy stories and low quality. Not going to chase this one down. Why don’t you guys improve your product?

    • D R Allen

      Umm .. KD, you need to make your complaint at EW’s website, not OutlanderTVNews’. I doubt that EW’s customer service dept pays ANY attention to complaints made on non-EW sites. 🙁

      [BTW Sarah, you don’t HAVE to purchase a full subscription – their online “Back Issues Store” allows your to purchase single copies (as long as supplies last)] 😀