‘Outlander’ Season Three Pushed Back to January 2018

Here comes bad news for Droughtlander!  The premiere of season three of Outlander is being pushed back to January 2018.  This is due to extensive post-production work necessary for each of the episodes and the on-going filming in South Africa that will not end for some time.  We were already prepared for a wait until September, but now we will have to wait a few months more.  The good news is that the premiere of season three and season four will be closer together.  The premiere date in January will also make the show better positioned for the coveted Emmy Awards.

Also, if you have been reading this site for a few years, you should do a double check on today’s date.  It is indeed April 1.  Happy (maybe?) April Fools’ Day!

Source: Outlander TV News because no one else made this up!

  • Amanda Paradisi-Horgan

    This is going to cause a loss in fans and ratings for the show. Who wants to wait years to see the next season. Not a good move Outlander!!!

    • Cee Valley

      You need to actually read the article.

    • Chrisanna Sullivan

      Apparently you did not read all the way to the bottom….

    • Dana Spielberger

      Read the article

  • Connie Helgeson Danelson

    WHEW Saw the date and thought…”better read this”. Thanx for the last sentence!

  • distachio

    Ooh, you made some fans really angry. Some people can’t take a joke at all when it comes to Droughtlander!

  • Wendie Orr-Svoboda
  • Oh dear! I fell for it!!!

  • Mar Tim

    Don’t do this to me haha. I almost had a heart attack!

  • Dietrich Buxtehude

    Brilliant if horribly cruel to the Fandom. I fell for this ruse hook, line and sinker. I even began trying to find reasons in my mind to accept and come to terms with this announcement while in the process of reading the article. Because of Droughtlander, I capitulated and became a book reader. The fact that I have read Voyager has greatly eased my Droughtlander angst. If the show had been actually pushed back to January 2018, I would add the other books to my kindle and bide my time… I may just do this anyway!

  • Sheryl Plenn

    My heart dropped for a second! Naughty, naughty! Whew!

  • emd04

    That was so, so cruel. 😛