‘Outlander’ Crew Already Prepping Season Four Filming in Stirling

**Spoiler Alert: There is a setting spoiler for season four, so if you have not read Drums of Autumn, it’s best to skip this post for now.**

With the Outlander season four pickup, crew are already back in Scotland preparing to film the season.  The fourth season is set in America, and the question for American fans has been if they will move filming stateside.  Well, I think that question has been answered semi-officially with a news story from The Daily Record.

Plans have already been discussed to film in Stirling, Scotland for season four, specifically in Cambusbarron.

Supervising location manager Hugh Gourlay, who has worked on films such as ‘Fast & Furious 6’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, is eyeing Murrays Wood and Murrayshall Quarry as potential settings for the series.

The PAN notice is a precursor to a formal planning application and sets out proposals for a temporary change of use of the woodland and surroundings to outdoor filming locations. These would incorporate temporary vehicle access routes, temporary film set buildings, a construction compound, material storage and a filming service area.

Cambusbarron Community Council chairman Alan Rennie said the team had already been in touch.

“They wanted to give us advance assurances and had a meeting with myself and some of the officebearers,” he said.

“They wanted to explain what areas they were looking at and how they would work, as well as how they intended to reinstate anything necessary after they were finished.

“The buildings involved would have no foundations.

“We thought this was the kind of usage of some of the woodland that was much preferable to the quarrying plans, for example, we have been up against in recent years.

“Douglas Campbell, who knows the area well, went for a walk round with the locations manager Hugh Gourlay and pointed out one or two things.

“It could be involved for about a year, as far as we know.

Sounds like they are planning a semi-permanent, long-term set in this location.  If you have read Drums of Autumn, you can probably guess that this location might be for a specific setting from the novel.

Source: Daily Record

  • Merry Miller Moon

    Hello Fraser’s Ridge!

  • stevieboy49

    Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this semi-permanent set is going to be…..Makes sense, too, as going Stateside would be fraught with difficulties and be enormously expensive. Look forward to watching the filming if we are allowed to get close enough! Exciting times ahead……

  • Christe Taylor

    I’ve been thinking this the whole time, yea! back to Scotland I hope the cast and crew are as excited as the fan’s.

  • Melissa Partridge Harrelson

    I’m disappointed, as I am sure many of us here are. A lot of us believed some filming would take place in southeast US and we would have the opportunity to visit sets/locations as others have been able to do in Scotland, South Africa, etc. There are film people here just as capable as those in Scotland, as well as studios. And, come to think of it, did they transport Scottish crew to SA or are they using local SA crew? Seems like whatever is being done in SA could be as easily done here.

    • Alli Stokes

      Sometimes it isn’t about capability of local crews, but the laws and regulations of the countries they are filming in. Some areas are just easier to get permits from and regulations are more relaxed. The US isn’t as easy to do some of that in as other countries.

      • aussiesuzie

        So agree!

    • distachio

      Alli is absolutely correct. It would be way too expensive to move production to the US.

      They’re using local SA crew, though. Likely for far less $$ and benefits than they’d have to pay US crew.

      • Melissa Partridge Harrelson

        It’s still a big disappointment.

    • PunkRockOldLady

      They are using a lot of local crews in SA. The reason they went to SA is because that’s where Black Sails (another Starz production) films and so there were a lot of already existing ship sets that could be re-purposed for Outlander.
      I never really expected that they would film in the US, to be honest so I’m fine with them staying in Scotland. I imagine that there are a lot of business reasons why staying Scotland makes sense.

    • aussiesuzie

      Different rules in Scotland&SA,costing less money for Starz then in the USA!

    • Becki Cardenaz Brownlee

      The fandom in the US would make filming so difficult. I prefer it stay in Scotland with its roots

  • Carolee Luper

    I think it’s fine they will be filming Season 4 in Scotland. It will certainly be less costly than the USA. Of course they went to SA because the sets for the ship episodes were already there and it was cheaper. I know American fans are sad but of course they must film for the lowest costs and after all, OUTLANDER is helping with the economy in Scotland and I for one am happy about that!

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  • Angie Vaughn Frye

    Well I live in North Carolina as well as Alamance County, just a 20 min drive to the battle of Alamance and Alamance Creek. But for some reason our state no longer has an active contract that allows any filming of movies in NC. So I’m disappointed.

  • James Finlayson

    Is this news still valid as in Cambusbarron where I stay we were informed filming in this area was cancelled.