‘Outlander’ Season Three Episode Titles (So Far)

2017: the year of Outlander season three.  And that’s about all we know right now.  There is no month or day announced thus far by Starz, Sony, or anyone else.  Certain details about season three are coming out, but not from official sources.

Three episode titles have appeared on IMDb, but that source can also not be very trustworthy.  Anyone can submit an edit to a film or TV’s page on IMDb, and I also find it curious that the first and second episodes of season three do not have a title, but three through five do.  So take what you see below with a grain of salt right now.  Thanks to Outlander Italy for finding this.

(And for those curious, that official photo of Claire above is from episode 301, the premiere.)

This post will be updated as episode titles are announced (or discovered).

Episode 301

Episode 302

Episode 303 – All Debts Paid

Episode 304 – Of Lost Things

Episode 305 – Freedom and Whisky

Episode 306

Episode 307

Episode 308

Episode 309

Episode 310

Episode 311

Episode 312

Episode 313

Source: IMDb