Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton Filming ‘Outlander’ Season Three in Glasgow (Photos)

Richard Rankin (Roger Mackenzie) and Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall) have returned to filming season three of Outlander.  They were seen today filming in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland.  Yesterday, we saw photos of the preparation of filming these scenes.  The scenes are being shot at Christmastime and are believed to be set in Boston.  This means Roger has crossed the pond to visit the Randall ladies.

More photos will be added as they become available.

Update: Caitriona Balfe showed up later to film also.  She is seen leaving the Boston home with luggage.  The 1960s hair is there.

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Source: Evening Times, Daily Mail, respective Twitter accounts

  • Sarah Johnson

    Wow they are so screwing with the timeline here. In book Roger didn’t go to Boston til book 4 and Claire had already headed back in time by the time Christmas had hit from what I can remember so I guess now she won’t be traveling back to 1766 but 1767. So even if they still go with him in Edniburgh and not living with Laogharie after less then a yr of marriage they’ll still have that last longer. Why do they feel need to screw with timeline and that better be all they change we don’t need major major parts changed.

    • Sirilicious

      Maybe he spent 6 months longer in the cave / prison / Loagharie’s house / Edinburgh. How does this matter to the story? Except for a few extra grey hairs and Ian being an inch taller.

    • Alex

      Honestly, some of the conversations that take place between the characters don’t necessarily NEED to be set in Scotland. Having him travel to visit them shouldn’t alter too much. I feel like some of the book purists are getting too ridiculous. There’s just no way everything can be exactly like the books. You’d nned about 10 more episodes a season and at least 16 seasons to get through that kind of detail.

      • emd04

        I wouldn’t say that’s super picky detail. I’d say that’s sticking to the book chronology. The Christmas that Roger and Bree spend together is sort of important to the timeline of book four.

    • Such are the woes of #droughtlander. It causes us to read too much into everything. I have read the books and enjoyed them. I have watched the TV show and enjoyed it too. I also have taken Diana’s words to heart in that the TV show is the TV show and not the book.

      I trust Ron for two reasons. 1) He has done great work with previous endeavors and also with the TV show. 2) Diana trusts him. As for taking elements from a book not tied to the corresponding TV season, I will note that a lot of the 1948 segment of episode 201 came from book 3. And it was a great episode.

      My point of view is not to worry about how the timeline will be broken, but to anticipate how this change in location will play out.

      • Mauricette Demoor

        Well said Michael

    • Holly W

      You think that’s bad?! Try being a ASOIAF fan and watching GOT. I’ve finally made my peace with it and try to enjoy the show on it’s own and don’t think too much about how different it is then the book. Outlander might have a few differences but it stays pretty true the book story.