Gabaldon Reveals Title of Book Nine

Diana Gabaldon

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon, regularly treats readers–and nonreaders–to sneak peeks of her work. This morning, Herself released a new segment from the much anticipated ninth installment in the saga of Jamie and Claire. She also released the title. (YAAAZZZZ!!!!)

Drum Roll!!!

Book nine of the Outlander series will be titled Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone.

Explained in a back and forth with fans on her Facebook, Gabaldon attributes the name to an ancient Celtic tradition in which one keeps the bees apprised of current goings-on to prevent their departure.


(That’s going to be one heck of a long title card for Show Writer Matt B. Roberts to work in to the opening credits…)

SPOILER NOTE: If you haven’t read the books, be advised before viewing Gabaldon’s Facebook page. She included the full excerpt from Go Tell the Bees in the post. I cited her Tweet below instead as a precaution.

Source: Diana’s Twitter

  • Joy Balmer

    Written in My Own Heart’s Blood will also be a long one for the opening credits, even before that!

    • Elle R

      Bet Ron will call it Moby, just like Diana did. lol

  • Lorraine OBrien

    I can’t wait for book 9 I must say I’m enjoying the series I can’t wait for book 9 will it be out soon

    • jo

      Hopefully, but maybe only a couple years to wait now. It took 5 years between #7 & 8..that was a verrrryy long wait, let me tell

  • Vikki Scroggins

    I am rereading the series and ,my husband is reading it for the first time. Can’t wait for the 9th book!

  • Davo Jude

    Feelin completely torn. Wanna keep reading (just finished Voyager) but I don’t wanna skip too far ahead of the series. Trouble is, I can’t bring myself to read anything else!

    • jo

      The books are best read in order, because of how the characters and events play out..the only thing I ever read out of order, so to speak, was when MOBY came out. I had to skip a couple chapters in, to the part that completed the ending of the previous book. I’d waited about 5 years to find out what happened after all. Lol

    • Bluerskies

      Read on! Many, if not most of us, have read the entire book series long before the show cam along.

      • Davo Jude