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Outlander EW Cover

Are we over the shock of Outlander having a major feature and cover in Entertainment Weekly yet?  Well, hold on to your haggis because here is what the inside of the magazine has to offer.

The title of the article is a little hard for my eyes to make out at first glance, but it is “Sex, Rugs, and Rolls in the Hay.”  Okay.  That’s a little odd.

The photoshoot for the article and cover took place on November 21, 2015 at the Outlander studios.  There is penis joke in the first paragraph.

40% of the audience is male, eh?  Well the half-naked Caitriona Balfe is probably going to help even more now….Or the bare-chested Sam Heughan if you swing the other way.

Included in the article are quotes from Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Graham McTavish, Jon Gary Steele, Terry Dresbach, Ronald D. Moore, Diana Gabaldon, and Tobias Menzies.

There is also a small article on newcomers Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin and their struggles to be cast in their parts and meet fans’ physical expectations.

Another article is an interview with Diana Gabaldon.  I skimmed this one because I have still not read Book 8 (bad fan! … but more like can’t-remember-enough-to-read-it fan).  I did read that she believes Book 10 will be the last.  There is also an excerpt from Book 9.

It is always funny to see what the producers and cast are trying to keep from non-readers.  It is the complete opposite of how I would approach it, but then I am not making the big bucks (this is wholly apparent with my career choice).

Please go and pick up this issue of EW, or buy the digital issue!

Update: We removed the non-photo pages from the articles in an effort to make you guys go out and buy the magazine.  We will repost the missing pages after the issue has come and gone from stores.  If you would like to purchase this issue and cannot find it in stores, you can order a digital or print version from EW.

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Source: EW Magazine (Digital version)

  • Miah

    Sex really is just a small part of this series, there is so much else going on and I just love Diana Gabaldons play on words, that are so powerful at times, to me that is
    what makes these books eg; “There were no more than a few inches between us, but the aching distance between us reached miles”

  • Claudia Eaton

    I thought the manner in which EW treated this was so disappointing. They’ve hyped it up as soft pornography. To me the character and story development is what makes the show as well as of course the setting. The actors are so talented and you find yourself drawn into the lives of the characters they portray….Jamie and Claire. Yes sex is a part of their growing relationship as they continue to learn about themselves as well as each other but it has been portrayed in a very beautiful way unlike most shows these days. The episodes seem to just fly by.

    • Trackles

      Really? I thought they took pains to dispel that label, admitting that yes, it does have the sex that has become it’s trademark, the great love story too (the same applies to the books) but it is so much more. The photos are so gorgeous, sumptuous and sexy, a truly epic magazine glamour shoot, that they will draw in many new fans, and the article should attract even more. Once they begin to watch, they too won’t be able to stop!! Fantastic publicity that any show would kill for and should guarantee future seasons!

      • aussiesuzie

        Hope so,as we have not heard about season 3 as yet!

        • D R Allen

          You do need to keep in mind that the Series 2 renewal wasn’t announced until the 1st ep of Series 1 was broadcast in the States.

          Also the 5M US viewers is but a SMALL fraction of the viewers world-wide – for example, in just mainland China 15M watched it. Sony Pictures TV has sold broadcast rights for 88 different nations!

          • aussiesuzie

            Thanks D R I live in hope!

  • donnajant

    Do you have permission to publish this articles in it’s entirety? If you it is illegal.

  • donnajant

    I see you deleted my comment

  • Daisy

    I find it ironic there was mention in the article about not spoiling the non book readers and then they do just that a few times. EW fail.

  • aussiesuzie

    Well WOW to the photos of EW,for me the partly clad photos are a bit risque as Outlander is much more than sex,please promot history & great love over the ages rather then making beefcakes out of two very talented actors,whose portray of Jamie&Claire is brilliant which I’m so grateful for!