‘Outlander’ Returns to Falkland, Fife to Film Possible Inverness Scenes

**Spoiler Alert: If you want to be completely spoiler-free about the second season, skip this post.**

The town of Falkland, Fife is gearing up for the return of Outlander.  It has been reported by locals that the show will be returning to possibly film Inverness scenes beginning this week.  This is the same location where Frank and Claire’s 1940’s Inverness scenes were filmed.  If we get any shots of filming in progress, we will update this post.

Update (1/21/2016): They are not filming 1940s or 1960s scenes. They are still back in the late 1700’s.  New photos added below.  Duncan Lacroix, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies all part of shooting today.

Another update: Lots of new photos courtesy of Brian Milne from today.  There is nothing spoilery about the photos other than the three characters being in the same scenes.  The clapboard says it is Episode 212.

Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2

Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2 Falkland BTS S2

The below photo of Sam is old, not from today.

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Source: Facebook (Brian Milne, Leonard Zabek), Respective Twitter accounts

  • von

    Looking at all the preparation work going on in these pictures, makes me think about how much we take for granted. Bringing a production like Outlander to our screens with authenticity is not all about the main stars and their wonderful talents ,script writers or producers and wardrobe departments. There are so many background staff we forget about and all the hard work and creativity they muster into bringing such wonderful productions to life.
    I think all the Outlander background crews are doing a wonderful job.

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