New Official Photo of Jamie and Claire in ‘Outlander’ Season Two

Starz released another tender moment between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe).  This photo reminds me of one from the second half of season one which I have also posted below.  I like parallel moments, apparently.

If you missed the big casting news today, click here.

S2 official sam jamie caitriona claire S2 official sam jamie caitriona claire

Outlander 2014

Source: Starz

  • von

    I’ve seen quite a few comments from fans worried about Sam playing an older Jamie.
    Personally I see absolutely no problem there.
    Sam has always amazed me by how much he can change is appearance from youthful and sweet to forbidding and mature with hardly any real cosmetic help. When clean shaven he is almost boyish. When in full beard he looks years older and in between, it would be hard to pin point an age on him. We know he can act his socks off and has a wonderful charismatic appeal. So I have every confidence in him.
    My only worry is that we may not get enough of the future seasons to fully appreciate his skills.
    I have more faith in Cat now than I did in the beginning and think make-up will play a part in aging her beauty.
    Both actors are very intelligent and know what is expected of them. I look forward to seeing their progress and pray they will be on our screens for a very long time yet.

    • aussiesuzie

      I can totally agree with You Von!

      • von

        Good to know I’m not alone in my thoughts.