Diana Gabaldon Comments on the ‘Remarkable’ Second Season

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Every once and a while, Diana Gabaldon puts any fears at ease and reaffirms the high expectations for the second season of Outlander.  Diana responded to a fan’s comment (Thanks, Rita!) on the Compuserve forum and gave us a little peek at what is to come in spring 2016.  She also revealed that Episode 212 is also a double writer episode with Ira Steven Behr and Anne Kenney in addition to Episode 213 being written (but not finished yet) by Matt Roberts and Toni Graphia.

     Just wait…. <g>  It’s not just the writers or directors; it’s the actors.  And what Caitiona does with Claire through the middle of Season Two is gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and completely spectacular–and Sam matches her in emotional intensity.  What I’ve seen is remarkable. (The early episodes, not so much–they’re more concerned with establishing plot, but even so, there are “relationship” interludes (one or two suggested by the female consultant <cough> and very nicely executed by the writers of both sexes).
    Worth noting, I think, that the final two episodes (I haven’t seen the script  for 13 yet, and am anxious to do so) are being written by male/female duos:  Ira and Anne are doing 212, and Matt and Toni 213.

Thanks to Wanda for calling this news to our attention.

Source: Compuserve Forums

  • Yvonne

    Now, not everything is all unicorns… DG also says this:

    Of course I _could_…I’ve seen all the footage they’ve shot so far, and have seen at least the rough cuts of the first 6.5 episodes (they keep going back and adding things to Ep. 7)–and have read the scripts up through 212.

    But I’m not going to. Confidentiality, for one thing–and if I _did_ tell y’all anything Major, it would be all over the internet in minutes.

    But I can assure you that–while I did tell them I thought they were jumping the shark with one thing they did–they haven’t done any of the stupid things you’re worrying about.

    [Edited to add that I don’t mean I think it’s stupid of _you_ to be worrying about those things–I mean it would be stupid of _them_ to do them.]
    Don’t worry about _that_ particular thing. As to what Nell’s doing…I can’t tell you, but it’s not a piece from the books. I will say that much as I love what Ron and the writers are doing with the show generally, I don’t always agree with some of the things they do. Sometimes those things work out a lot better than I think they will when I see them in script–and sometimes I’m right , and they don’t. I tell them what I think, but it’s Ron’s call.