‘Outlander’ Has Found Its Young Lord John Grey

**Spoiler Alert: If you do not wish to know anything about new characters in the second season of Outlander, please skip reading this post!**

Oscar Kennedy

Lord John Grey, he is a major character in the novels of Outlander (even with his own spinoff novels by Diana Gabaldon) and he is introduced to us in Dragonfly in Amber.  We learned a while ago that he would be a part of the second season of Outlander, and now we know the young man who will be playing him.

Young Lord John Grey is being played by Oscar Kennedy.  He is 16 years old and is from England.  He has appeared in another Starz show, The White Queen, as well as roles in Great Expectations, Hunted, and The Politician’s Husband.

From Outlander Wiki:

Lord John Grey is a secondary character in the Outlander novels and the protagonist of a subseries of historical mysteries, the Lord John novels and novellas. His first appearance is as a young English soldier, age sixteen, before the Battle of Prestonpans in Dragonfly in Amber, and subsequently he appears as the new governor of Ardsmuir Prison, where he strikes up a tenuous friendship with Jamie Fraser.

In September of 1745, sixteen-year-old Lord John Grey first sees Jamie Fraser by the light of a campfire in the Carryarick Pass while on campaign with his elder brother’s regiment. Young Grey recognizes him as the notorious Highlander called Red Jamie, and while he hesitates to attempt capturing the criminal alone, he makes his decision to kill the man when he notices an Englishwoman in the man’s company, and assumes she is there against her will. Grey fails to kill Jamie, and feels unbearably foolish when he learns that the woman is in fact Fraser’s wife – after having divulged military intelligence about the nearby English army in exchange for the lady’s honor. Fraser lets John live, and has him tied to a tree where his fellows will find him in the morning. Grey’s parting words include the pronouncement of a debt of honor between them, and he avows that, should he have the chance to discharge that debt, he will do so, and then kill Fraser.

Oscar Kennedy Oscar Kennedy

Source: Starz, Outlander Wiki, IMDb

  • floredai

    To me he really looks like young Lord John. The biggest challenge will be finding a really good actor with matching looks and adequate personality for adult Lord John.

    • Tammi MacClellan Heupel

      Perhaps Hugh Grant 😉 jk

    • Lori

      Toby Regbo would be an ideal adult Lord John Grey and he was just killed off of “Reign,” so maybe he’d be available when the time comes.

      • scmaize

        I hadn’t seen Regbo before, but he seems like a very good choice! I was thinking of Adam Campbell, because he’s English, blond, and only 5’7″. Most of the actors people are suggesting seem to be over 6′, which doesn’t go with Gabaldon’s description. Regbo is supposed to be 5′ 10″. Not bad–he and Claire are both 5’6″ in the books, but if Claire is being played by an actress who is 5’10”, then maybe John should be taller, too. Both characters would be the same height on tv, just as they are in the books. Thanks for telling us about him.

      • floredai

        I’m not usually thrilled with casting suggestions for Lord John, but I like this one, as far as looks go. He also seems to have just the right amount of experience : enough as to be reliable, but not so much as to be too expensive.

        • Lori

          I have only seen Regbo in “Reign,” but he’s good and he can carry the look and manner of royalty, nobility and gentility quite well. He’s young enough to be a young adult Lord John Grey and then age accordingly as the series continues (we hope). I am sure there are plenty of talented young actors that could fill the bill, but it occurred to me while watching his last episode on “Reign” that he could easily be LJG.

      • Kylie Lindstrom

        he would be brilliant as Lord John!

  • von

    Have seen Oscar in most of his TV appearances so far and rate him highly as an upcoming talent. I believe he will do very well as young Lord John.
    Great work by the casting team once more.

  • Pretty sure my head is gonna ‘splode! LJG is my favorite!

  • Tammi MacClellan Heupel

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  • emd04

    Yay Lord John!!!!

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