‘Outlander’ Season One: The Ultimate Collection Coming Soon *Updated*

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Thanks to our own writer Stephanie, we now know that there will be a complete season one collection of Outlander available for purchase.  However, it will cost you some major $$$$.

It is called the Outlander Season One: The Ultimate Collection.  It will include the Blu-ray version of season one, limited edition keepsake box, and a flask. Right now, it is quoted by Video ETA to release on December 1, 2015 with a retail price of $155.99.  Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!

There is a page for it on Amazon, but you cannot currently pre-order it.  We also don’t have any images of what this “Ultimate Collection” will look like.

I really hope there will just be a plain season one DVD/Blu-ray option for those holding out to buy the complete season in one package.  I also hope that there are not any additional special features in this “Ultimate Collection” because I really don’t buy anything that expensive for my DVD collection.  Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe had better deliver it themselves for that price. 🙂

This post is based on what has been found on the internet thus far, and is not from an official press release from Sony.  You may take this post with a grain of salt, if you like.

UPDATED (11/2/15):  It was officially announced today that the “Ultimate Collection” is being released tomorrow, November 3, 2015.  Along with the announcement, Sam Heughan made a video to preview the collection and show you what you get with the price.

Right now, Amazon has it listed as $104.99.  If you have not bought the DVDs yet, will you buy this collection?  This release is actually more expensive than the two “collector’s” editions combined.

I think many fans are still waiting for a simple DVD/Blu-ray release of the entire first season.  Hey, Sony, could you make that happen?

Ultimate collection

Source: Video ETA, Amazon

  • Merry Miller Moon

    I better get another job just so I can afford to buy it!

  • Robin

    damn i want that!

  • klasko

    For those of use who still have perfectly good DVD players and have not upgraded to blu-ray, it would be nice to be able to get all the blu-ray features on the regular DVDs. Some of us are not made out of money!

  • Karen

    It is available on Amazon now for 104.99 using the link above!

  • emd04

    I have both collector’s editions on Blu-Ray, and I’m perfectly happy with that. There’s no way I’d shell out over $100 for something than can be purchased MUCH more cheaply, but I’m sure, with Christmas approaching, that there is a market for this.

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    So you’re essentially paying $54.99 for a flask & keepsake box (assuming you were able to purchase each of the volumes for $24.99 like I was)? Ummm….I love ya Outlander, but no. Just no.

    I predict this little bundle comes WAY down for the holidays. It’s worth $75, TOPS.

  • Lori

    Let’s see…I already own both discs for Season one and both of the soundtrack CDs, so I’m pretty invested at this stage. Do I think this set is cool? Absolutely. Would I pay $105 for it if I didn’t already own most of what’s included? Unlikely. I’m not saying that as a whole it isn’t worth having, but it’s a lot to spend on one season of a series. It would make a great gift, but I would bet that most fans already have most of the pieces of this set and is it the kind of thing you’d give to someone that hasn’t watched the series? For the price, this set needed something that fans don’t already have from the series. I don’t think the flask quite makes up for that. Nice try, though Sony, nice try

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    Just as I thought, Target has this set for $79.99 (if you have a Target Red Card, you can get an additional 5% off which makes it $75.99). That makes more sense than Amazon’s ridiculous price of $104.99.